The list of videos

The Equipment
How to use the observation equipment.
The Algae
Common specimens of a universe of interesting creatures
An Aphid while it is born
The thrill of seeing a new life born
The Amoebas
Little monsters that advance and devour
The Sodium chloride
Superb crystals formed from common kitchen salt
The Cell
Starting with a banana peel, the building block of living organisms
The Ammonium chloride
Fantasy of crystals built by nature
The Ant
In the leg of an ant the secret of immeasurable strength
The Haematococcus pluvialis
A microalga containing a substance of extraordinary qualities
The Yeasts
The microorganisms that make us taste a soft cake
The Housefly
Its structure involves at least three engineering degrees
The Moss
A green carpet that reveals all its beauty under the microscope
The Nematodes
Dangerous enemies that lurk in a drop of water
The Parameci
Fast swimmers and voracious devourers
The Pollen
The sexual strategies of plant reproduction
The Metric reference.
How to evaluate the magnification of the observed objects.
The Rotifers
They move thanks to a double propeller helicopter
The Copper sulfate
Its molecules aggregate into beautiful blue crystals
The Spirulina
How does this microalgae look so useful for our health
Who helps us identify this microorganism?
They are so resistant that they can travel through space
The Vorticella
To feed themselves they have become experts in hydrodynamic engineering
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